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Scopist Information

"A great scopist makes a world of difference"

Court reporters develop long-lasting relationships with their scopists. Scopists provide an invaluable asset to court reporters by being available to edit or transcribe the testimony taken by the court reporter during a deposition, trial, arbitration, business meetings, or other proceedings. This editing frees up the court reporter's time and enables them to continue taking more testimony while the previous days' work is being "scoped" by a professional scopist.

Scopists can earn anywhere from $.80 and up per page depending on turnaround time and difficulty. A good scopist, who is efficient, professional, and timely can keep themselves as busy as they would like to be, year-round.

Thanks to the internet, email, and various file transfer programs/services, scoping has grown into an international home-based business opportunity for many people. Once you have the knowledge and understanding of what it takes to be a scopist, you are then free to live and work wherever you please - anywhere in the world. Many court reporters have never even met the scopist to whom they have been sending work for years. It truly is a great work-at-home profession.

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