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Stenocat Scopists

"A great scopist makes a world of difference"

  • Sue McElroy


SOFTWARE: OPEN StenoCAT with InSync, RTF-CRE, Procat Elite.
QUALIFICATIONS: Experienced Scopist, Proofreader. Former court reporting student, trained medical transcriptionist.

    File transfer by e-mail, modem or regular mail; backup tapes welcome.
    Fast turnaround time, accurate and reliable.
    For more information or references call 707-447-3835 or e-mail.

  • Lauren Addison (504) 348 4909


Open StenoCAT, AristoCAT. RTF/CRE supported.

    Nationwide file transfer.
    Proficient, Reliable, Accurate
    Great offer to first time clients - check out my Website for more.

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