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Certified Livenote Court Reporters

We are Livenote certified and have provided a number of online video tutorials to help you and your staff get up to date with the latest technology in court reporting realtime. Please follow the links below for more information.

Our court reporters utilize technology with real time transcription, synced deposition exhibits and many other services. Lawyers can assist their court reporters by providing a key term list prior to the deposition, so court reporters are not trying to figure out how to spell complex scientific jargon, party names or other terms of art on the fly.

Lawyers can increase their effectiveness during the deposition with a real time feed from their court reporter (for example, LiveNote, CT Summation and other fine products). The deposing attorney can track answers as they come in, catch potential transcription errors and effectively compare prior answers for consistency from the witness.

For deposition review, ask the court reporter for a transcript with linked exhibits and synced video (if video recorded). Depending on your transcript review tool, these will have different names, such as LiveNote Evidence Format (LEF) or CT Summation Briefcase Format (SBF).

Linked exhibits are useful in checking on which exhibit the witness is discussing. More importantly, the associate or paralegal doing deposition review does not lose time jumping from the back of a printed deposition's exhibits to the text.

There are many ways to take a deposition, be it with the Redwell or a laptop under your arm. What matters is to look at the tools your firm employs and find the best deposition strategy for you.

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