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Case Management Consistency

Let us keep it all together for you

We know you have co-counsel and experts located all around the country who need instant access to the deposition transcripts and exhibits. With our state of the art online transcript repository, this process is as simple as logging in.

Our professional staff will upload all case exhibits and transcripts to the online repository, giving your staff one central location for all of the discovery items. This can be quite a task for you to handle in-house, as depositions are being taken in multiple cities over the course of weeks and months, even years. We make it simple by providing the infrastructure for you - all at NO extra cost!

Litigation Support Simplified

It's our specialty

We can manage your online repository for you, leaving you time for the more important tasks. You no longer will have to search for a transcript - just re-download it. You can easily share documents and transcripts with co-counsel and experts just by logging in together and getting down to business.