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Litigation support worldwide

Whether you've got a simple personal injury deposition across the street or multi-party class action litigation around the world, we've got you covered. Our vast network of professional court reporters and videographers can provide your team with the latest litigation support technology and expertise. Our support staff can get your case assigned to our online repository, setting up witness directories and downloadable transcripts and exhibits. Your entire staff will have 24-hour a day access to all case documents and transcripts.

Litigation Management

We will handle the difficult part

If you are a legal secretary or paralegal trying to line up court reporters, videographers, conference rooms, and interpreters in multiple cities, you've got a daunting task ahead of you. We will handle all of the scheduling arrangements for you FREE of charge. Simply fax or email us your upcoming deposition schedule and we will take it from there. What may take you hours or days to complete, we can complete very quickly because that's what we do! We have access to the necessary professionals worldwide and can line everything up very quickly.

Mobile Video Depositions

...on the go...

Have you often found yourself on a flight en route to a deposition and wish you could make productive use of your travel time? Well, now you can. We can output your video depositions for playback on your iPad, iPhone, Android device or any format of your choice, that you can then review on your mobile player while you prepare your discovery.

This is a huge time and money saver, and allows you to be truly mobile, while making the best use of your time. No laptop required...easy access...ultra-portable.

World Class Video Conference Services

...remote deposition solutions

Depobook Court Reporting & Video is a worldwide provider of professional video conference services. You've used our network of court reporters to cover depositions, hearings, arbitrations, and business meetings across the country. Now we can line up top quality videoconferencing with hundreds of convenient locations nationwide and around the world.
If you need to connect with a client via Zoom, Skype, WebEx, Microsoft Teams to take a deposition, interview a prospective employee, or simply communicate with a remote party, then videoconferencing is the way to go. There's no need to leave town, book flights, rent a car, stay in hotels. We can save you and your clients thousands of dollars.

Internet Live Text Streaming

Realtime court reporting arrives at YOUR browser, iPad, iPhone...

Our realtime court reporting services have expanded to include remote access to a realtime deposition via the internet. From the comfort of your desk or the convenience of a hotel room, you can now access any realtime deposition by simply logging in and viewing the streaming realtime text live, as it happens. We can set it up for you to communicate via secure instant messenger with other counsel in the deposition room, experts who are out of state, or co-counsel who may be also sitting in on the deposition live.

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